Strap-on_trio“It’s your turn to be my bitch baby”

Beware fellow reader, this article deals with male humiliation and the idea that when it comes to sex that isn’t vanilla, sex humiliation is one the most erotic forms of adult role play. Only in this case, the role play gets real, really real, and deep, and invasive, and ultimately orgasmic…

But I am ahead of myself…

“It’s your turn to be my bitch baby!”

No, it isn’t something I said to my wife the other day. But rather something that my wife told me… My wife… Dear gentle, fragile and delicate light of my life, the perfect picture of a woman who up until then did exactly what she was told and then, that one fateful day looked me straight in the eyes, and without so much as a tremor in her voice, said:

It’s my turn to turn you into my bitch darling. I’m going to fuck you… So turn around, bend down, assume the position and don’t look until I tell you that you can.

Turns you on does it? Well it did me to. And in more ways than I’d care to admit. The fact that she was so sure of herself, there was no room for negotiation, she was going to take me and that was that was in itself… well impossible to resist really.

You see, Male Humiliation turns the table, Sexual Male Humiliation by a wife re-addresses the order of things, involves toys (in this case a strap on), role play, actualization of fantasies, the introduction of intricate scenarios with any number of participants (both men and women) and anything else that might take your fancy. The common thread with this type of humiliation is that it involves the most delicious of all taboos… Sex humiliation. In other words, the incomprehensible thrills of being purposely and sexually humiliated by the woman of your life. I know… The mind is a mysterious thing!

And before you wish you wife would tell you such a thing, let me tell you something my friend… Beware what you wish for, because it may well happen and when it does, it’ll probably be the end of things as they stood… before… you were a bitch… Male humiliation, whether it is being pounded inside of you or whispered in your ears, or both at the same time, is well… delightfully humiliating… and not for everyone. With the wrong partner, sexual humiliation whether it is verbal humiliation or strapon humiliation can be hurtful, even damaging.

You have been warned… And yet, you are still here… Good. Being your woman’s bitch has its perks, even if they are usually mounted on a strap, on a woman who well… does you…

Did you just feel a familiar twitch traveling through your dick? I thought so.

So where was I? Or perhaps I ought to clarify, what did my wife have in mind for me?

A big strapon. In my ass.  Yet, it was unquestionably clear when I felt it, against my butt… even before I saw it.

And just as the size of it became overwhelming clear that I had to resist not looking at what I already knew it was… my wife said to me:

Now you can look. And here is what is going to happen baby. I am going to fuck you with this strapon, slowly, deeply, with a purpose. And you will know what it feels for a big cock to be rammed into you without mercy, and this one, unlike yours, is a real cock. Like I need, and you ain’t never going to be able to give me.  And by the time I am done with you, you’ll never want to go back…

So get ready my little bitch.

And just like, this sweet woman wearing a big strapon the size of king kong, looked me right in the eyes as she was pouring strapon lube on that big strapon of hers, put that thing right against my butt hole, and started pushing…

She had told me it would hurt like hell, and it did. She also had told me that the pain would recede, and it did. When she told me that I would actually like it, I didn’t believe a word she said, but I did. Ultimately I didn’t want her to stop.

I was truly, in every sense of the word being royally fucked. It was male humiliation at its most basic core. I was her bitch, and I loved ever moment.

In my next article, I will talk about verbal humiliation which became a part of her repertoire, every time she turned me over..

A word of advice… STRAPON LUBE… Lots of it, and good quality. Trust me on that.

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