Publlic MasturbationI never thought I’d ever indulge in public masturbation! Oh, of course we’ve all had those images of having sex in public and I myself have had the multiple pleasures of a fantasy where I masturbate in public and all I can tell you is that it’s a lot of fun.

If you have ever called me for a masturbation phone session, you already know how much I love to phone masturbate and I have been known as the dildos masturbation queen.  In fact, phone masturbation is my second favorite sex activity, the first one of course, being awesome, pussy pounding fucking.

Ahhh.. Those glorious hours, spent in the comfort of my bed, thinking about all manners of public masturbation fantasies where I am at the center of the “public” attention. And if you must know what I think about when I do masturbate in my public fantasy…

In my own public masturbation fantasy, I am on a deserted beach, lying on my back and Sir is with me. We’ve been lazing around for a while and taken turns to apply suntan lotion on each other’s body and now it is my turn to be “oiled”. Sir likes for me to lie on my back, put my head on him as he sits crossed legged behind me. Sir likes this position because it gives him full access to every inch of me and well, I love it exactly for that reason and because I also just love to feel Sir huge cock “rise up” to the occasion. There has been many an instance when he has oiled and then massaged my breast to such an extent that I have not been able to wave off the thrills of orgasms (IF and when Sir allows me to come of course). And on many occasions I have had to resist the strong urge to actually turn around and do something with that huge dick of his. But more on this later…


Don’t masturbate on your own there, big boy!  Let’s do it together.. I could do with a big cock! And I am REALLY good at Mutual Phone Masturbation!

Here are a couple of Phone Sex Numbers to get you started!

There are below the picture hun!

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Back to the subject at hand….  <wink>

Here comes the fantasy part, which is the sequel to what happens to me after the events I have just described. When I masturbate about his very public fantasy, Sir puts a blind fold on my eyes, orders me to spread my legs wide and wait. The idea of revealing so much of myself is usually erotic enough for me to come straight away, but this is nothing compared to what follows. Yes… oh yes, yes, yes… In my fantasy, a stranger joins us, and takes care of my pussy.

And the wonderful part of that dream is that I never know if the person is a male or a female, all I know is that someone’s expert mouth and hands are busy opening me up and in the process take my orgasms to places they seldom goes.

Indeed there is something sumptuously delicious to be offered like that for public consumption, with the risk involved in being discovered and the thrills that someone you cannot see is masturbating you. And to make things even more wonderful, the person who is giving you such pleasure can be a either man or a woman, and you have no idea, nor do you care, as long as your pussy is taken care off.

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