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I-am-a-hot-wifeI am an Alpha Woman – And a Hot Wife.

I have always enjoyed the freedom to satisfy my sexual needs by having sex with other men in front of my husband, and I am happy to report that my husband is very happy with his role as a cuckold.

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Now you may thing that an Alpha Female and a Hot Wife is the same, but there is a huge difference. An Alpha Woman is a natural leader and sex isn’t what defines her. What does define her is her power over people. The head of a multinational cooperation is an Alpha Woman for example. She is the best at her job, knows what she wants, and more importantly knows exactly what to do to get the best out of those who work for her. A hot wife on the other hand very much assumes to role of the alpha female, but within the confines of her relationship with her sub male, her husband or life companion. And a Hot Wife is also a person who needs sex, lots of sex, and because she cannot get what she needs from her man, for any number of reasons, she has to help herself with others. The men she chooses to service her are called bulls and generally, bulls have bigger cocks, know how to use them better… In other words, Bulls are much better lovers than her husband can ever be. For man couples the temptation to experiment with this kind of life style must be measured against what it will do to your relationship.

Cuckold Phone Sex: 1-888-212-7159

The Hot Wife is at the center of the cuckolds and bulls triangle, and that’s exactly where she wants to be. She enjoys the attention she receives from all parties even if that attention is categorized carefully. A cuckold husband thrives on being humiliated. He likes the idea that as far as sex is concerned, he simply cannot compete with his Hot Wife Studs. And he is perfectly happy with this arrangement.  A woman who cuckolds her man is called a cuckoldress.

Cuckold husbands are often time invited to watch while their wife is being fucked by another man.  This voyeurism has an element of sex humiliation, but the cuck doesn’t mind.  In fact a cuckold husband is turned on by watching his wife have sex with another man, and if his is lucky,he is sometimes invited to participate in the activities by licking his wife pussy’s clean of the other man’s cum etc…

A hot wife uses a variety of means to get what she wants. For example, I enjoy humiliating my husband as I am being serviced by another man.  Some Dominant studs also enjoy laying down the rule when it comes to what my sub has to do, and that is always fine with me.

But it’s not all that I like…  I get really turned on by the ideal of Forced BI Cuckolds (BI as in Bisexual). And I am not the only one!  Hot wifes and their studs love the idea of a forced bi husband who is “forced” to suck another man’s dick, even if it’s the last thing he wants to do. Of course, in reality, all cuckold husbands secretly desire to do nothing else. For both the hot wife and her cuck husband the idea of sucking other men’s bigcocks is well… irresistible.

I am definitely a hot wife. I definitely love cocks, all types really, but bigcocks have a special quality about them and when the right cock comes along, I am certainly a cock sucker.

And so is my husband…  A really quite competent cocksucker who is learning all the time.

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