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Here is how you can reach us:

USA & Canada callers, dial: 1-888-884-5783

From the United Kingdom?  Call: 0983-939-2210 X 1351
(£1.50 per minute – UK Phone Sex Customer Service: 0844 888850)


Our 29 cent per minute line is not the only number we have.  We have several phone sex numbers designed to rock your world. These are specialized fetish phone sex number for any one with a specific fantasy in line.

Looking to add even more spice to your fetish?  Here are some dedicated Cheap Phone Sex Numbers listed by FETISH

  • Domination Line , dial: 1-888-209-2221

  • Shemale, TVTS Line , dial: 1-888-209-1356

  • Strapon Line , dial: 1-888-209-6061

  • Humiliation Line , dial: 1-888-209-6064

  • Sensual Humiliation, dial: 1-888-210-2091

  • Sissy Line , dial: 1-888-211-5622

  • Cock Control Line , dial: 1-888-211-6098

  • Tease and Denial Line , dial: 1-888-211-6113

  • Mommy and Sissy Boys Line , dial: 1-888-212-5362

  • Cuckold Line , dial: 1-888-212-7159

Men and women have used the telephone to “talk dirty” by phone simply because it is well…  so darn sexy!  Married couples, or couples in a relationship use phone sex to stay in touch and have sex with one another when one is away on business.  They use it to have fun, add spice and role play in their sex life. But what about the rest of us, who may or may not have what we need often enough?  Or at all! This is where our cheap phone sex girls come into play.  They provide phone orgasms that matter and will do everything and anything to ensure your experience is as satisfying as you would hope.

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All you need to do is pick up the phone and call: 1-888-884-5783.

Or call any of the specialized niche lines above. (in green)