Shemale Phone Sex – When All You Can Think About Is a BIG She-male COCK


Shemale Phone Sex Fantasies are amongst my favorite.  I love to talk about sex with a shemale  with my male callers.  As a dominant woman, I have always enjoyed turning the tables on my lovers, and I have an ... Read more

When Masturbating On A Public Beach Is Not The Only Thing That Happened To Me

Publlic Masturbation

In a previous article, I talked about how I love to fantasize about having sex in public when I masturbate.  Perhaps you ought to read it, I bet you'd love it! When I dream that I masturbate in public In this ... Read more

Delilah Strapon Humiliation

Strapon Humiliation

Have you ever heard of Delilah Strapon Humiliation? Of course you have! If you are into strapon humiliation then you have. All strapon men know who Delilah is and just in case you don’t, well she is one those yummy ... Read more

Male Sex Humiliation

Cock Control and Masturbation

“It’s your turn to be my bitch baby” Beware fellow reader, this article deals with male humiliation and the idea that when it comes to sex that isn’t vanilla, sex humiliation is one the most erotic forms of ... Read more